How does My Watchlist work/adding ads to favourite

The watchlist allows you to remember up to 100 different Gumtree Ads so that you can come back to the Ad later on.   

To add an Ad to the watchlist, click the grey star next to the Ad in the search or category listings page. It should turn green to show that it is saved to your watchlist. You can also click the "Add to Watchlist" button to add the Ad to your watchlist on the Ad itself.

To access the watchlist, click on "My Gumtree" in the header then click on the "My Watchlist" tab.  Once you have reached the maximum 100 ads, it will delete the oldest ads and replace them with the newest watched Ad.

Note that you don't need to be a registered user to use the Gumtree watchlist, however you do have to have cookies enabled in your web browser.  If you clear your cookies you will lose your watchlist. Please remember to enable cookies in your browser for you to access your saved ads at a later date. You can save the list by registering your account.

Benefits are;

  • Can view Saved ads for quick future reference 

  • Can Email the list to yourself for reference

  • Save up to 100 ads

We hope this feature will provide a much more enjoyable search and browse experience and help you in keeping a close eye on what you need and want from other Gumtree community users.

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