Can I post an Ad in multiple cities?

Gumtree is a local community classifieds site designed for face-to-face transactions  and trading. We ask that users post their ad in one location only.


When an ad is posted into a selected sub-region the ad remains visible within the wider view areas leading to it. (Larger view distances of categories and pages are comprised of the ads from their lesser parts).


For example if I wished to post an ad for my item within Cork and also within Limerick, I would only need to choose one, as the ad will be visible in the 'Munster', and 'All of Ireland' view which houses both the Cork and Limerick sub-regions.


For this reason Gumtree asks users to post your ads in the most appropriate city, or region geographically closest to you based upon where you or your item/service/opportunity is located.


So please do not post ads into multiple categories, as they will be marked as duplicates from the community and may be removed from site.


The most effective way to increase an ads exposure would be by purchasing a feature such as a Top Ad or Homepage Gallery.

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