All about Urgent Ads

What are urgent ads?




Urgent Ads are Gumtree Ads where the seller has indicated that they want to sell their item quickly. Ads with the urgent icon stand out from all others in a category because of their different look. The urgent icon is available for purchase for Ads listed in any category.


How long will my Ad be Urgent?


Ads will be Urgent for 7 days after the date of purchase.


How do I buy the Urgent feature?


When posting a new Ad, simply click the 'Urgent' checkbox on the Create Your Ad page. For unregistered users if you have already posted your Ad, click the "Edit Ad" link found in the posting confirmation email and click the 'Urgent' checkbox. Alternatively, if you are a registered user, click the "Promote" link found on the My Ads page in My Gumtree and select the 'Urgent' checkbox.

Un-registered users, if you have not received a posting confirmation email, please check any "Bulk" or "Junk" email folders to see if the confirmation email from Gumtree was sent there.

Click here for available payment methods.


If I edit my Ad, will it still be Urgent?


Yes. Your Ad will be marked as Urgent until the 7-day duration is over.


Can I withdraw from the Urgent feature and get a refund?


In accordance with the Terms of Use, the fees for Urgent are non-refundable. If you want your Ad to no longer appear, simply delete the Ad. Alternatively, if the Urgent Ad is in the wrong category, edit it to move it into the correct category.

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