Selling tickets on Gumtree

General Ticket Rules


From 31st July 2021 the sale of tickets in Ireland at more than face value has been banned. We also do not accept ads selling tickets to free events. The tickets need to be handed in to the purchaser in person and the advertisement should inform that the tickets are to be collected personally. Advertisement providing that the tickets can be shipped will be deleted. Commercial sale of tickets is not accepted but only so called random incidents; the resale of tickets to events (including sporting contests, music concerts and plays) and airline tickets can often be regulated by the ticket issuer.


As a ticket seller, you are responsible for ensuring that your particular transaction does not violate any applicable law or the terms of the ticket itself. Therefore, prior to buying or selling these types of items users should contact the ticket issuer and ensure the resale is permitted. As a condition of your use of Gumtree specified under our Terms of Use, you agree that you will not violate any laws




Gumtree users are not permitted to sell tickets to events where all tickets are free to the public.

Gumtree requires one months notice from event organisers prior to tickets being released for the free tickets policy to apply to an event by logging a ticket via our help sections.


If you are selling a ticket that is subject to the above law, you may wish to consider listing the ticket price not greater than 10% above the original price of the ticket. However, please also read Gumtree warning below about terms and conditions that the organiser of an event and/or the original ticketing agent may have specified on a ticket before you decide whether it is lawful for you to do this.


If you have any questions regarding your rights to sell a ticket, we strongly recommend that you contact the company that issued the ticket and/or consult with a lawyer.





Concert tickets

For safety reasons, there are more restrictive rules for concert tickets, especially for big and expensive events:

- ads not containing the price and the face value of the ticket will be removed

- tickets need to be offered locally and handed in to the purchaser in person

- tickets cannot be shipped

- a photo of the ticket with visible date and price should be included with the ad


Football tickets

It is illegal to resell any tickets to professional football matches occurring in England and Wales or involving English or Welsh teams playing outside England or Wales. Gumtree does not allow tickets for Scottish, Northern Ireland or Republic of Ireland football matches to be sold either. Contact the FA or the relevant football club directly for information on exchange options available to you.


Rugby tickets

Please see your ticket, Rugby tickets state that they are non-transferable. Ads for such tickets are subject to removal.


Train tickets

It is illegal to resell any rail tickets in the UK (including Eurostar tickets), unless you're an official distributor. Contact the relevant rail carriers directly for information on exchange options available to you.


Lottery tickets

Due to laws in the UK and Republic of Ireland, lottery tickets aren't allowed to be sold on Gumtree.


Gumtree has provided the above information to assist you in trading lawfully. Gumtree is not in any position to assess a particular ticket's original price and whether it is subject to the above law and/or to terms and conditions that makes its sale unlawful. You are responsible for ensuring that your transaction is lawful.


Gumtree does not condone the use of its website by persons breaching the law or contractual conditions imposed by others. Gumtree urges that you not list any items until you are confident you can legally sell it on Gumtree.

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