What is a Verified Email?

New features have been introduced for seller account histories which will help users better understand who they are dealing with when browsing through Gumtree.




What does it mean if a seller has a verified email?

A verified email confirms a user has access to the email account used to create an ad, giving you peace of mind that your reply will be received and read.


What does the number alongside "Active" mean?

This refers to the amount of live ads this user currently has on Gumtree. Clicking on this number will display these live ads.


What does the number alongside "Published" mean?

This is a count of all the ads the user has successfully posted since becoming a Gumtree member. Use this as an indication of how active this user has been on Gumtree.


My email is currently displayed as non-verified, how do I become verified?

Clicking on any link contained within a Gumtree email will instantly switch you to verified status.


Does a verified email mean the user is safer than another?

A verified email simply means the email address used to create the listing has been verified and does not mean the user is any safer than another. Always remain cautious and follow our safety advice to better protect yourself.

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