How do I report a spoof/fraudulent email or web site?

One of the biggest threats to the security of your Gumtree account is fraudulent email and Web sites, called spoof email and spoof Web sites. Spoof emails look like real Gumtree emails and include links to "phishing" web sites. While these phishing web sites may also look like Gumtree, they are fake sites designed by scammers to steal your Gumtree user name and password.


Both are used to obtain personal and account information.


You can keep your Gumtree account secure by only signing in to Gumtree when your web browser tells you the page is secure:


Never sign in unless these icons show up in your browser and the web address starts with


Report all suspicious email addresses and web sites here and select subject line (Report > Spoof email or website), make sure you copy and paste the email communication received in its entirety to the ticket you are logging.


If you are unsure please contact the support staff and they will be happy to help you.

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