All about Highlight Feature

What does highlight do?


The Highlight feature allows you to highlight your Ad on the browse and search pages in order to gain visibility. Highlight does not move your Ad to the top of the category page. Highlighted Ads have greater visibility and therefore receive more visits and replies than other Ads. You can purchase this feature in all categories.

To show your ad at the top of a page, you can purchase a Bump up or Top ad. For further information please go to All about bump ups OR All about Top Ads


How long will my Ad be highlighted?


Once an Ad is highlighted, it will stay that way until it is deleted or the paid period expires.


How do I buy the Highlight feature?


When posting a new Ad, simply click the 'Highlight' checkbox on the Create Your Ad page. If you have already posted your Ad, click the "Edit Ad" link found in the posting confirmation email and click the 'Highlight' checkbox. Alternatively, click the "Promote" link found on the My Ads page in My Gumtree and select the 'Highlight' checkbox.


If I edit my Ad, will it still be highlighted?


Yes. Your Ad will be highlighted until the 7-day duration is over.


Can I highlight my Ad more than once?


Yes, you can highlight your Ad again after the current Highlight period expires. You cannot purchase another Highlight for the same Ad while the Ad is highlighted.


Can I withdraw from the Highlight feature and get a refund?


In accordance with the Terms of Use of the site, the fees for Highlight are non-refundable. If you want your Ad to no longer appear, simply delete the Ad. Alternatively if the Highlighted Ad is in the wrong category, edit it to move it into the correct category.

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