Important update from Gumtree

We are making some changes to improve our platform and your experience

Ownership of has recently changed, and with this change we’re pleased to introduce a new, improved and more reliable platform than ever before.

We have provided more details on the change of ownership below, and how it affects your personal data, but please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

We have tried to make the transfer to the new platform as smooth as possible for you, but to make your experience as safe as possible, we are asking all users to reset their password.


How to reset your password?

We may have already sent you an email with a “Reset my Password'' link where you will be taken to a screen to set your new password. Alternatively, you can visit at any time and you can manually reset your password using the “Forgot my password” link beneath your login details.


Gumtree Ireland Limited is the new owner of

Ownership of and associated business assets was transferred to Gumtree Ireland Limited by Marktplaats B.V. with effect from 7th April 2022. 

Gumtree Ireland Limited is a private company incorporated in Ireland (registered number 714325) with its registered office at 3rd Floor Latin Hall, Golden Lane, Dublin 8, Dublin, Ireland.

Marktplaats B.V. gave users of advance notice of the transfer through a notice displayed on the site.  We subsequently wrote to recently active users of to notify them that we are now the operator of the site.

Your access to the site will remain largely unaffected by the transfer, although you will need to reset your password for security reasons. You can expect to see some changes to the layout and design of the site as we bring in some exciting improvements to the services and customer experience on the site.


What will happen to my personal data?

If you were a user of before 7th April 2022, as part of the transfer, information relating to your account on the site, including personal data, was transferred to us from Marktplaats B.V. as set out in notice provided on the website in advance of the transfer.  This information will be used by us for the continued operation of the site, including the maintenance of ads that were live on site at the time of transfer. We process data in accordance with our Privacy Notice which is available here for your information. 

From 7th April 2022, as a result of the transfer, we became a controller of the personal data in respect of accounts on the site, which includes, for example, account details, active advertisements and contact preference settings. We will process this personal data in order to operate the site in accordance with our Privacy Notice, which contains further information on data privacy and data processing and is available here.

Your rights as a data subject remain unaffected by the transfer. For information on your data subject rights, please see the Privacy Notices linked in the paragraph above or visit the website of the Data Protection Commission at


What does this mean for me?

You do not have to do anything to continue to use the site, other than to reset your password. We look forward to providing you with an even better service and customer experience in the future.


Need support?

If you have any questions relating to the transfer, what it means for your account and/or what it means for your personal data, please contact our team here.

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